Make your online audience click with live events

Working closely with digital clients, such as, has shown us that live events have much to learn from online and that the two business models can bring out the very best in each other.

For decades, magazines and events have been seen as the very best of bedfellows. If businesses had established audiences or readerships, then almost inevitably, magazines spawned exhibitions, conferences and awards and vice versa. In fact, B2B and B2C publishing businesses have been built on this model for many years, but the times they are changing, fast.

The sizable shift in the modern marketer’s budget towards digital media from traditional media has been incredibly significant and all the signs show that this trend is no fad, but a fact of business life. At The Event Works we believe that the potential for live events and online propositions to connect audiences, actually make them much better bedfellows.

For all their aesthetic appeal, magazines as a media perform poorly, the real reason behind this is the lack of immediate, measurable, tangible and transactional success that they deliver. In turn, exhibitions in particular, were not compelled to be effective growth generators, but now the need for ROI and the instantaneous nature of digital media is having a profoundly positive effect on live events.

The list of benefits for bringing live and online together is as lengthy as it is compelling. As well as the immediate results that event technology now offers, events are now no longer only about brand-building over a short period of time, but if the proper promotional processes are applied, the life of events can be extended significantly, so that there is an opportunity to actually transact before, during and after the events themselves.

At The Event Works we specialise in the integration of events with existing online audiences. So if you are interested in bringing online to life, and connecting your audience and your clients via awards, conferences, and exhibitions then email The Event Works, a sister company of full-service digital agency The Internet Works.

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