If information is power, then conferences have the potential to be the most powerful events of all. Whatever the event, we strongly believe that creating a content-rich programme is of paramount importance to attract and retain interest, but with a conference content is everything. When The Event Works produce conference programmes we do so to position our clients at the cutting edge of ideas and putting your finger on the pulse of the marketplace, so if your business is interested in being your industry’s thought leaders, get in touch. We offer our conference organising services in London and all over the UK.

Benefits of hosting a conference 

  • Let your knowledge, set the tone

    Building the content for a conference, enables your business to become the authoritative voice that all others listen to.
  • Reflect in the glow of the halo effect

    Take advantage of the enthusiasm that a conference can create for your businesses other products & services.
  • Delight delegates & realise revenues

    Create a consistent, profitable revenue stream by commoditising your content for those prepared to pay to attend.

Organise a conference with The Event Works

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Proven exhibition producers, we are award-winning organisers with dozens of exhibitions delivered successfully.


With our award-winning approach, our involvement guarantees that your roadshow will go far.

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Experienced events professionals, we can offer a consultancy package tailored to your requirements.