launch event

If you want to significantly increase the chances of your launch events achieving lift-off, work with The Event Works and a team that have successfully launched a series of events in recent years. We love identifying new opportunities and turning those ideas into reality from gap analysis to business casing, from sales launch to operational delivery and everything in between.

The Event Works are experts in launch events 

  • Speculate to accumulate

    As the old saying goes, it is risk that is rewarded, but with our experience the risk is reduced and the reward is increased.
  • Identity a painful problem

    If your launch event offers a solution to a problem,  you can be assured that the success of your launch is much more likely.
  • Start with the end in mind

    We know that the only thing more exciting than a successful launch, is one that can subsequently be sold at significant profit.

Launch your product in style with The Event Works

other services 

bespoke events

With a record of proven, profitable launches, we can turn your bespoke event ideas into reality.

events consultancy

Experienced events professionals, we can offer a consultancy package tailored to your requirements.


Proven exhibition producers, we are award-winning organisers with dozens of exhibitions delivered successfully.